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Looking at Another's Life is Our Teacher

Well, I am in Jogjakarta now after waiting for the announcement I hoped. It's about the examination I did some weeks ago. I told you I had no works after graduating from my last university, but Insya Allah I'll be the student again entering the university, still in Indonesia. Alhamdulillah Thank God, I was accepted for being postgraduate student in the university near my previous university when I spent my Bachelor for 4 years. I hope I can develop myself both in academic qualification and English skill of course. In my past post, I wrote a story about my hope in the next days. Yeah, I want to be a useful person in my life. Therefore, I have to improve my quality first then I can apply my knowledge in the real life..

I admit I've learned from another's life. I looked at how they could reach their dream and what they did to gain them. There are so many persons I know while I am enjoying this world. Some of them are good person, the others are the best in their own level. I remember someone who gets a success in his life. He was a man in the same junior and senior high school with me. Yes, when I was in both junior and senior high school, I knew him as my neighbor's friend. He was 2 grade higher than me. It was a different situation I met him when we studied in the same school. At first I knew him when our junior high school established a kind of competition called "Lomba Mirip Bintang". Here, any students who pretended they looked like an idol or a star could be the participant. He joined it and his friends called him as "Mr.X". Mr X was one of skillful keeper in football. He was alike him actually, with a tall body and white skin. Almost all the students liked and gave a support to him, including me. Then, if i don't make a mistake, he got the awards. I don't know what the order he got, but i'm sure he was crowned as the one of the winners. In our junior high school, there were 2 classes filled by the smart students for each grades and he was in the second best class. I didn't know more about him because he'd never showed his achievement though he was in his class with another smart students. In other words, he was not prominent enough. Besides, my friend was his friend in their church, and my friend also told me about him. "He doesn't care about the lessons, he prefers playing to learning,"she said. So, I just known him as the  lazy student and a duplicate of "Mr.X", no more than it.

The time moved and when i entered senior high school, I met him again. According to the rule of our senior high school, if there is a student acquiring any awards, it will be announced by the teacher in Monday after attending the ceremony in front of all students. Guess what?? He did it! His name was called as the winner of Physic Olympiad and he walked into the podium to be honored with the reward! I was surprised, startled, and speechless. I still didn't believe what I saw. Was it really him? Maybe my vision was wrong..but was him. I remembered his name..How could it be??? He had changed, he wasn't a lazy students again. He became the smartest student in his grade. He got the first rank in his class during his study, but he said he ever felt into the second rank when he was in the first grade. Then, he studied hard to be the first and he went to it. He also appeared in school's magazine telling how he could become someone like that. "Exactly, i am very lazy when i was in junior high school. My parents always order me to learn. I don't like the way they did. Learning comes from myself not by the compulsion, for me. I prefer reading some comics to learning the lessons. When i enter senior high school, i begin to change myself. I try to study....then...i like it! It is very pleasant. By learning, i can decide which one i should choose. I study everyday, but, when i am in such a bad mood, i just learn for 2 hours," he said. My friends and I read it, and we just laughed. "He is crazy, in a bad mood he studies for 2 hours...if he is in a good mood, he will study for a day, I'm sure," we talked about him, then we laughed. Did you know guys? This conversation was for those who were foolish and stupid. Yes, they were my friends and I. In other side, the other smart persons will agree with him, definitely.They were in  the right way, but I, the stupid one, only watched and did nothing....

7 years later...

Last week, i stalked my friend on facebook and indirectly, I found him. Actually, I knew he could enter the university without any tuition in Indonesia. Scholarship of course. My teacher told us that he got a scholarship when we were in our last grade. Then, I stalked him...I got a fact....He studied in NZ! Amazing! I couldn't say anymore. I think he took postgraduate. Finally, I know whoever gives the best then they will get their best. I know he is very shrewd  but i don't suppose he will go this far. He even could travel to Thailand..Africa..,oh my gosh, i am pretty jealous!!! How come?? It startles me. I admit I admire him, from nothing to be something..from zero to be a hero..Good job, man :D

I look at myself. I don't do anything seriously. That's why I'm still a useless, nerd, stupid girl..My GPA was very bad exactly. My English skill isn't showing a good progress. But, I'll try to make myself better. Sometimes, we have to think in reality, but don't make it us become a weak person. We must make a way  to gain our goals. Now, i still think in reality that my academic qualification and English skill aren't good enough but i'll find my way to be useful person...And I still keep my wish to be an international student like him..Insya Allah..:)


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