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My life's patttern

My life's patterns...

Life is like a wheel..sometimes, we are on the ground but who knows we are next on the top..
As I told you prevoiusly, I applied 5 times in getting a job. For a year i was a free living organism..more like a zombie until God put me in Borneo. Before i am here, the time i tried to seek a job was a sadness part of my life. I asked why He did it to me. Now, i know..the answer is to make me more patient. I eventually catch that point. My life's patterns is the fail at first then followed by the successes as long as I try and pray.
Last week, I was failed in CPNS test. Actually, I knew some were lucky because they were helped by the "power". That power was the strongest and bring them to the chosen one. I am just the dust flying in the air..i am not someone who are nocticeable so the result was predictable. I was eliminated although in competency test I was the best.I was sad of course..but I believe in God. He is going to put the best for me. Maybe…