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Pengalaman Mengikuti Tes Seleksi Dosen

My Journey in Getting a Job
Hi, Akmalia is here…As I told you last days, I planned to share my experiences in getting a job. Everyone has their own passion and it usually tends to guide people to choose what kind of job they want. Apparently, I am the one of so many examples we are talking about. I am a person who are pretty interested in science and history. The books, webs, or whatever I look at is science though sometimes I don’t really get the main topic because it is not my knowledge field. But, overall, I enjoy it. I also catch history as my priority when I go to the book store. The hypothesis explaining the dispersal of ancient people in this world when the Great Flood happened is still debatable. Whether out of Sulawesi or out of Taiwan, we are still trying to search the answer. Curiosity overload.
This thoughts direct me to which area I decide to take a role, education and research of course. Based on this selection, I pursue a job most people want, a lecturer in a higher e…